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03 – 11 – 2017

As part of the opening ceremony of the Fifth Scandinavian Symposium held in the city of Orebro in the Kingdom of Sweden on the third to fifth of November, the formation of the Scandinavian Council of Relations was announced, which will be the first of its functions “coordination between institutions, endowments and Scandinavian Islamic societies, For the good and interest of Scandinavian citizens.

The launch of the Scandinavian Daily News website, which aims to highlight and introduce Scandinavian and Arab citizens of Scandinavia, and the activities and activities of their Scandinavian institutions and associations, was also announced at the same ceremony.

“Our vision is to strengthen relations between institutions and individuals for the benefit of Scandinavian and Nordic communities, and work towards full citizenship through integration, cultural encounters and the media, as well as spreading the spirit of tolerance and combating terrorism,” Professor Anwar al-Tuwaimi said. Of this Council is “the achievement of professional Scandinavian relations and a well-informed and cultured cultural dialogue for tolerance, coexistence and peace in Scandinavian societies”.

“The Scandinavian Daily News will be the information platform of the Scandinavian Council of Relations, which will be the platform of all the platform of associations, institutions and endowments Scandinavian to disseminate their activities and news, and a platform of Scandinavian citizens to display their cultures, news and customs, and all that is interested in enabling their full citizenship in our country, , Hoping that this site will enhance the Council’s role in achieving its vision and objectives.

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