Our Goals:

  1. Building bridges of cultural understanding between religions within and outside the Scandinavian countries and to promote the spirit of tolerance, dialogue and peaceful coexistence as well as combating acts of terrorism and extremism and addressing Islamophobia as a societal phenomenon. This goal is achieved through planned visits, conferences and symposia in the various Scandinavian countries to which cooperating organizations are invited.
  2. Building comprehensive and distinguished links with civil and official bodies and institutions, both at home and abroad, to serve the common good in Scandinavian and Nordic societies. This objective is achieved through open dialogue between parties through written projects and agreements, and by supporting existing activities within the same field.
  3. To promote a promising culture of inclusion through the involvement of Islamic individuals and organizations in Scandinavia on all levels; and through education in particular.
  4. Creating a climate conducive to cooperation, communication and constructive and meaningful dialogue with all. This objective is achieved through studied events that encourage meaningful dialogue and prevent division of society and ethnic segregation.
  5. Exchange of experiences between local voluntary organizations and Islamic organizations in the Scandinavian countries. This objective is achieved through various forms of cooperation to solve problems within the community in a charitable spirit.
  6. Spreading awareness of the work carried out by Islamic organizations in Scandinavia and their activities through a professional and reliable media presentation. This goal is achieved by effective communication through websites and social media.