Scandinavian Council for Relations

Stockholm 2018-05-30
The Scandinavian Council for Relations, in cooperation with the Imam Malik Foundation for Moderation and Renewal, held its first symposium on “Ramadan.. Communication for Peace” on Tuesday, 29-05-2018, in the conference hall of the Infra City Hotel in the Swedish capital of Stockholm , In the presence and participation of several Swedish officials, diplomatic figures, as well as a number of heads of Scandinavian Islamic centers and institutions in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

The seminar was opened by the reciting of verses from the Holy Quran and then by Mr. Abdul Raouf Al-Muhri, Director of the Imam Malik Foundation for Mediation and Innovation, followed by a lecture by Professor Anouar Touimi, Chairman of the Scandinavian Council for Relations entitled: “Communication for Peace.” He welcomed the guests and brought to light the Council’s main objectives. Followed by a speech by the Indonesian Consul in Stockholm, followed by the speech on Sweden by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Alam, in which he spoke about the cultural and ethnic diversity that characterizes Sweden, and that was followed by a speech on institutions delivered by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Debai. The last words were the words of Sheikh Saeed Azzam. Then Mr. Anouar Touimi distributed commemorative shields to many guests who were distinguished in their field of work.

At the time of the Maghrib prayer, the attendees had Iftaar prepared in their honor. In conclusion, the participants stressed in their final statement:
1. The need for communication and cooperation among Scandinavian institutions operating in Scandinavia in order to reach safe and cohesive societies.
2- To highlight the role of public relations and its importance in building a secure society away from discrimination and racism.
3. Condemn all acts of hostility against places of worship, renounce violence, extremism and racism, whatever their source, and promote the values ​​of equality and principles of human rights.
4. Emphasize the importance of cultural and ethnic diversity and the freedom of religion and beliefs provided for in Scandinavian laws.
5. Support government authorities to enhance security and stability in our Scandinavian countries.